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You can support us by donating money for the future development and production of our zeroXess technology. This will help us “go the distance” to bring our complete, next-generation, renewable, solar-powered energy storage and communication solution to poor, underserved populations around the world.

Have some great ideas as to how to improve our zeroXess technology? If so, contact us and help Kumbaya provide the best solutions for health protection. Through our User Innovation Program, you can directly influence the future development of existing and upcoming zeroXess technology (i.e., our electric DC cooking platform and revolutionary LED lights), modifying future generations of our products to meet people’s needs and habits.

Part-time, full-time, over the summer or during the school year. If you are a student looking for on-the-job-experience and wanting to learn more about the educational components and humanitarian efforts required to help us save the world, consider an internship with us.

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Join us to create a transformative partnership that accelerates universal access to electricity in Africa by 2025.


Our zeroXess is the first step to deliver not only light, but internet connectivity, television and rural radio.



  • We use rigorous, fact-based market analysis and a exible approach to problem solving, informed by decades of on-the-ground experience.
  • We bring private-sector experience to development work through teams that combine business expertise with local knowledge, relationships and context.
  • We work as a catalyst at all points in competitive markets, partnering with stakeholders including smallholder farmers, governments, donors and multinational telecom and tower operators and corporations.
  • We specialize in leveraging corporate sponsor partnerships to create shared value for all market participants.
Eliminate Indoor Kerosene Lighting


For lighting, their only choice is solely on toxic kerosene, paraffin or candles. The billions being spent on improvements to extend the electricity grid doesn’t make a difference to 91% of Africa’s rural population. Kerosene can be a huge expense for off-grid households and its dim lighting is hazardous because of its negative health impacts and the constant threat of fire.

Changes Energy Poverty and Building the Knowledge Economy adding in Sub-Saharan Africa: A “Staggering” Business Opportunity. Power Is Empowering


Children cannot learn adequately and lives are at great risk in hospitals because there is no electricity. Small businesses, which account for over 90% of the private sector, cannot operate optimally. Africa loses about 4% of its GDP to lack of electricity alone.


It’s time to take decisive action and turn around this narrative: to light up and power Africa.


With this in mind we build sustainable small home solar storage and communication systems to ensure there is always light, connectivity, security and the basic needs to keep informed. “Electrification powers connectivity.  Connectivity powers knowledge.  Knowledge powers social and economic progress”