Full-Stack Engineer

Job Description:

Is it reasonable to expect mere mortals to have mastery over every facet of the development stack – someone familiar with all layers in computer software development? If you have this superhero power, we want to talk to you! In this role, you’ll work closely with our founders, strategic partners, alliances and investors. Requires knowledge of front-end and back-end software development, to get an idea to a finished product. Must be comfortable working with everything ranging from databases, to user interfaces and everything in-between.


Primary Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Porting over an existing prototype from an Android platform to a Linux environment for continued development
  • Performing tasks at any level of the technical stack in which they reside
  • Working with systems infrastructure (hardware, operating systems, etc.)
  • Working with server, networking and hosting environments, which involves understanding what can break and why, taking no resource for granted
  • Understanding, creating, manipulating and querying relational and non-relational databases
  • Interacting with APIs and the external world
  • Addressing security concerns, as each layer presents its own possible vulnerabilities
  • Ensuring quality assurance
  • Willing and able to take a leadership role with less experienced developers, if requested
  • Collaborating with a UXUI designer, to improve user interface and experience
  • Working alongside people from different disciplines within Product Development such as electrical engineers and UX designers
  • Efficiently developing new product requirements, as well as expanding existing features
  • Effectively documenting project progress and communicating clearly with our team and stakeholders
  • Demonstrating good written and verbal communication skills


Position Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or related field); equivalent work experience would be considered.
  • Minimum of five years industry experience
  • Proficiency in front-end code in one or more languages (e.g., HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. js is a must.
  • Familiarity with hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Experience working with MongoDB and using a version control system such as Git



  • Familiarity with Android development
  • Previous experience working on a project that integrated both hardware and software
  • Having worked for a startup company
  • Experience leading a software team


Have some skills that stand out from the crowd, coupled with a strong passion and drive?  If you are an expert on only one or two of the bullets listed above, don’t get discouraged.  We’d like to see if you might thrive in an environment like ours. Contact us!


Full time




October 7, 2013