Product Manager

 Job Description:

You’ll be the CEO of our technology and tell the story of what we’re building, how we’ll get there and why it’ll be awesome. You’ll also maintain ownership of our vision, strategy, roadmap and feature definition. A driving force in our technology lifecycle, we’ll look to you for: defining and refining the key business and technology-focused attributes of our energy storage solution; improving the development process: budgeting, pricing, scheduling and product strategies so we remain competitive in our target markets; acting as diplomat, holding together team members and internal/external stakeholders, while keeping the train speeding forward. Your role will also include leading, navigating and guiding us as we develop future products.


Primary Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To: 

  • Managing the technology lifecycle, from concept to completion
  • Involvement in the technology development process, including the sourcing of appliances
  • Pricing new and existing products
  • Documenting our technology version’s history
  • Coordinating business analysis, software development and user experience to ensure the achievement of business goals


Position Qualifications:

  • BS degree in Computer Science/Engineering or Product Development. An MBA or Management degree, with a minimum of three year’s experience in the role of a Product Manager, would also be considered
  • Possess a high level of familiarity with product development, pricing, budgeting and scheduling
  • Exhibit excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Have the ability to coordinate and motivate stakeholders across three continents



  • Prior experience developing technology solutions targeted at emerging markets.


Interested in this position? Email us a cover letter, telling us why you feel that you would be an excellent candidate for this position, as well as an updated copy of your resume. Send your correspondence to and indicate in the Subject line: Product Manager. If this position is not exactly what you had in mind, perhaps you have a friend, family member or business associate who would be a perfect fit. If so, let us know, or send them this link. Thanks!


Full time




October 7, 2013